10 Meaningful Books 10 Meaningful Books
Books have the tendency to take the reader through so many magical journeys, some sorrowful and bittersweet and some blissful and merry. But a... 10 Meaningful Books

Books have the tendency to take the reader through so many magical journeys, some sorrowful and bittersweet and some blissful and merry. But a book that teaches you the valued lessons of life, might give you great joy. The 10 books included in this list are going to answer some of the questions you might have about love and relationships. Take a pick and open your mind to the discerning stories, you would definitely end up loving them. Have fun!

1. The Repercussions by Catherine Hall

The story takes the readers across two parallel storylines, an emotional drama that finally comes to an end as the two narratives come together in the end. If you are looking for a story that tells about the genuine love that can surface between gay and straight people, this compelling book is the one.

2. You Are Not the One by Vestal McIntyre

The book is a collection of eight stories that portrays the life of our society’s outcasts but with a comic take. As you witness the journey of each character, you’ll fall in love with the witty dialogues and will feel the love and compassion that the incredibly perceptive writing style will instill in you.

3. Hero by Peter Moore

Are you a fan of superheroes? If yes, then this book will get you right from the start. The author, Peter Moore started working on the project because he was incensed by the treatment that LGBT superheroes had to face. Hero tells the story of a superhero that has to deal with his own sexuality, as a murderer goes after all the superheroes of the world.

4. Trumpet by Jackie Kay

Not a melodramatic take on the subject, the book reflects the true nature of love and the sweet bliss of acceptance. The book will touch you on many levels as the story takes you through the landscape of a fictional Jazz player’s life.

5. Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Well, as the name suggests, the story follows the love life of the protagonist, Paul, a high school sophomore, and his high school friends. The drama that makes the storyline is inherent whenever LGBT issues come up, but the love and patience endured by the characters will give you the warm feeling that only comes with acceptance.

6. Fun House by Alison Bechdel

This book offers a writer’s graphic memoir of her family history, her relationship with her father, and her journey to discovering her sexual orientation. It also explores the effects of homophobic reactions of people that take a great toll on people’s lives. Alison Bechdel worked on it for 7 years to get the story line right but most of the time was dedicated in capturing the right effects for the graphic. The novel is a compelling read that will make you revisit the feelings of compassion, sympathy, regret and above all, acceptance of love in all forms.

7. Oranges are not the only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

Gone down the memory lane of the author in this semi-autobiographical novel that tells the story of a young girl named Jeanette. The story follows Jeanette’s life as she grows up, all the while dealing with her desire for same sex relationships and her family’s religion beliefs. Do read the book and explore the power of love that can blossom even in the fiercest storms.

8. Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

One of the very first books to talk about the subject of sexual identity and same sex relationships in American literature, Giovanni’s Room presents a fresh take on the complex issues that surround love stories. The story follows the lives of two bisexual men in Paris, who must face social alienation as a part of their love for each other.

9. Hotel de Dream by Edmund White

The poignant story of the American novelist, Stephen Crane and a boy prostitute starts with an ailing Crane on his deathbed, as he narrates his last work about a married man and his undying love for a boy prostitute. This strange but genuine love eventually leads the characters to their demise but not before proving that love knows no boundaries.

10. The Torturer’s Wife by Thomas Glave

The collection of short stories depicts the social injustice that follows people of conflicting race, politics and sexuality. You’ll be moved with the powerful writing style of Glave as he explores the problems faced by the gay community and the hatred against HIV sufferers.