There are so many funny videos on YouTube that can get your spirits up. We have compiled 8 funniest videos from YouTube for your...

Need a break from all the work piled up for the week? Our advice: take some time off and lighten up the mood. From laughing babies to wedding disasters; there are so many funny videos on YouTube that can get your spirits up. We have compiled a list of the funniest videos for your daily dose of humor and insanity. So check them out and get a fresh start to the week.

1. Weddings gone wrong

Planning starts months before the big day; the cake is chosen, the perfect dress is handpicked and there’s a long list of other things. Everything has to be perfect, but these couples couldn’t have fathomed how wrong their perfect day would go. Enjoy these hilarious wedding fails.

2. Roller Coaster rides that really rocked

Amusement parks are fun but only when the roller coaster rides don’t freak you out. Check out the compilation of guys screaming and girls crying as they ride the not-so-frightening roller coasters.

3. Escalators

You wouldn’t look at the escalators the same way again after watching this video. This hilarious compilation will let experience the follies of some people that are although dangerous at times, but are also quite funny. However, it’s advised not to indulge in such behavior.

4. Food was never this funny

From falling omelets to exploding water melons, this video has everything to keep you entertained. Warning: This video can make you feel hungry.

5. Birthdays have never been this much fun

Birthdays are the best day of the year for most of us, but the poor souls in this video are the exceptions. Watch as their birthdays take a turn for the worst.

6. Gifts

Receiving presents is the best feeling in the world, but for these children, it wasn’t quite so. Watch the hilarious reactions of these children, as they open up their presents that were not on their wish list.

7. Wedding cakes

The most beautiful part of the weddings, apart from the bride, is the wedding cake. The delicate frosting and cute figurines make the cakes lovely. Watch as all of this sets the mood for not such a happy wedding. A shame they had to come to this end because some of these cakes looked quite delicious.

8. Babies and dogs … What could be funnier than that?

Man’s best friend joins forces with man cub to bring forth the funniest video ever. Check out this hilarious combination and dare yourself to not laugh.