Dating for Later in Life Lesbians

Dating as a later in life lesbian is a worthy challenge which promises emotional fulfillment and empowerment. The journey of dating at this age is about discovering yourself – who you want to be with…

Dealing With Disappointment

When a relationship is not going well, it’s time to determine how to take care of yourself. Disappointment is one of the most common feelings people who are having difficulty with a friendship or romantic partnership experience.

How Moving in Together Changes Your Relationship

No need to repeat the tired old U-Haul lesbian jokes, but it’s true–at some point in a committed relationship you’ll probably feel ready to make the big leap to cohabitation. Whether that occurs in the throes of limerence or after the honeymoon period is a very individual decision. But no…

Me, Her and Her Kids: Relationship Rules for a Woman Who Has Kids

You’ve fallen in love with your dream woman. We all have the typical order we expect things to happen: fall in love, make a commitment and then decide if and…

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Adapting to Diet Differences

She’s a vegan. You love your bacon cheeseburgers. Can you make it work?It’s a lot more common to be a vegan now than it was just 10 years ago…

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Top 3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Online Dating Profile

You can be so busy with a career and friendships it becomes hard to meet that “special someone” in-person as you get into your mid-twenties and beyond…

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7 Valuable Dating Tips for Any Lesbian

When you’re a lesbian, romantic relationships can be more complicated than they are for straight people. For example, you might notice a cute woman but have…

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Ten Ways to Show That You Are Interested in Her

Are you trying to figure out how to show someone that you’re interested in them? Women are complex beings, and the signs may be extremely…

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How to Handle Rejections by a Potential Partner?

Romantic rejection can be incredibly hard to endure. The good news is rejection may hurt a bit less when you handle it well. Here’s how to deal with rejection…

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LGBT Rights Around the World

One indication of the improved LGBT acceptance is that there are now 22 countries that support same-sex marriage rights, according to Pew Research…

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Is It Normal to Argue In a Relationship?

No two people, no matter how compatible they may be, will ever share the same opinion about everything all the time. Would you really want to?

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10 Countries that Allow Same-Sex Marriage

Take a look at ten other countries that have legalized same-sex marriage…1. The Netherlands 2. Belgium 3. Canada…

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What to Do on a Lesbian First Date

Dinner and a movie is a safe choice for a lesbian first date, but it also shows a lack of creativity. Why not impress your date by planning an alternative activity for the two of you to enjoy together?

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