Dealing With Disappointment

When a relationship is not going well, it’s time to determine how to take care of yourself. Disappointment is one of the most common feelings people who are having difficulty with a friendship or romantic partnership experience.

Deciding on Expanding Your Family?

Getting married is difficult enough without adding decisions about children. As with any couple, you and your wife have to decide — together — whether this is a journey you want to take…

Practical Wedding Considerations for Lesbian Couples

In June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that all Americans have a fundamental right to marriage. Since that decision, nearly 100,000 same-sex marriages have…

4 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Do you feel like you have to be in a relationship to be happy? When you are not in a relationship, do you get anxious and depressed? When you enter a new relationship, do you find yourself conforming to your partner’s likes and dislikes?

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How to Resolve Conflict in a Relationship?

It is both a common knowledge and a scientifically proven fact that poor communication could be the leading cause of couples ending their romantic relationships. ..

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Getting in Touch with Your Own Emotions

Want a greater emotional connection with your partner? Start by getting in touch with your own emotions first! Have you ever had a feeling but could not understand exactly what it was or why you were feeling this way?…

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What is Enmeshment Relationship?

Have you ever imagined mixing your views with someone? It might happen often. Have you ever seen yourself experiencing…

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What is Assertive Communication?

Assertive communication is one of the terms that happens to be surprisingly difficult to define, even though we can hear about it almost every day…

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How to Have a Healthy Lesbian Relationship?

Every lesbian relationship looks different from the next; what is right for one couple may not be right for another…

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Are You Giving Your Partner What She Needs?

Certain closeness is expected in some relationships that is not expected or even okay in other relationships. Your partner may feel unsatisfied…

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Five Stages of a Lesbian Relationship

Being a lesbian, you would want to experience an emotionally secure, mutually…

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How to Love?

Is there a right way to love someone? And if there is, can the skill of loving correctly be…

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What is Mature Love and Immature Love?

Mature love lasts; immature love does not unless it can be turned into mature love. When…

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