How Do You Know It’s Love? 10 Telltale Signs How Do You Know It’s Love? 10 Telltale Signs
After dating your girlfriend for a while, you may start wondering if she's in love with you. No matter if you're in a heterosexual... How Do You Know It’s Love? 10 Telltale Signs

After dating your girlfriend for a while, you may start wondering if she’s in love with you. No matter if you’re in a heterosexual or lesbian relationship, it can be frustrating trying to wait for the other person to say, “I love you.” If neither of you is willing to say it first, ask yourself if she shows any of the following 10 telltale signs of love.

1. She misses you when you’re not together.

If she lets you know that she misses you when you’re apart, there’s a good chance she loves you. It’s always a positive sign when your lady wants to spend as much time together as possible.

2. She’s interested in knowing the real you.

Does she try to understand what makes you tick? If your lady truly wants to know the real you by asking lots of questions and listening to endless stories about your childhood, it’s likely she is swooning over you in a good way.

3. She remembers the little things.

Whether it’s your favorite book or your childhood pet’s name, if she remembers little details about your life that were only mentioned briefly, she’s either in love with you or has a photographic memory.

4. She calls or texts you all the time.

If she goes out of her way to initiate contact with you throughout the day, she more than likes you. This is especially true if your gal’s messages are often flirtatious or sprinkled with sexual innuendo.

5. She’s already told everyone about you.

It’s definitely a good sign if she’s talked about you with all the important people in her life. Asking you to meet her friends and family shows that she is proud of you and wants to further integrate your lives together.

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6. She stays close to you in social situations.

If you’re at a party together, does she stay by your side or take off to mingle with other people? If she stays near you, she likely wants you show you’re a couple, which is a strong sign of love.

7. She cares about your well-being.

It must be love if your lady truly cares about your well-being. This may transpire in countless ways, such as lending a sympathetic ear after a hard day at work or offering to pick up your medication at the pharmacy when you’re too sick to go out.

8. She wants to know about your day.

When a person’s in love, she’s interested in hearing about the highs and lows of her girlfriend’s day. If your partner loves to hear about all the silly details of your day, she probably has love in her heart for you.

9. She isn’t afraid of showing PDA.

A public display of affection doesn’t have to be R-rated to be effective; it can be as simple as a gentle caress of your arm. Mutual PDA at any level shows emotional intimacy between two people and is a strong signal of love.

10. She asks for your input when making decisions.

If your lady often asks for your input and ideas before making a decision, she obviously respects your opinion. This doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily come to you about every decision, but if she discusses her life decisions with you even some of the time, it’s a positive sign of love.

Of course, the most accurate way to find out whether she loves you is by asking the question. However, if you just can’t bring yourself to show this kind of vulnerability, these 10 telltale signs of love can offer you valuable insight into your girlfriend’s feelings.

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