Ten Ways to Show That You Are Interested in Her Ten Ways to Show That You Are Interested in Her
Are you trying to figure out how to show someone that you're interested in them? Women are complex beings, and the signs may be... Ten Ways to Show That You Are Interested in Her

Are you trying to figure out how to show someone that you’re interested in them? Women are complex beings, and the signs may be extremely obvious or quite obscure. However, there are a few tell-tale ways to establish if an attraction is brewing. Here are ten ways to make it clear that you’re interested in her:

1. Give Touch a Try

Touch is a great indicator of interest, particularly sexual interest. If you want to show her that there could be chemistry, pat her hand, brush her arm or touch her shoulder. Don’t be creepy about it and assume this gives you license to maul her. Instead, gauge whether she seems into you or if your touch seems to make her tense.

2. Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

An honest, sincere compliment can go a long way. Take notice of the little things — her hair, her scent, her outfit — but don’t over-flatter. Too many compliments could make you seem desperate.

3. Watch Your Body Language

There are some “tells” in relation to body language that can be interpreted as being attracted and interested. For example, when you are talking with someone you care about, exhibit open-body language. Face the person you are speaking to, make eye contact and display attentiveness by nodding or smiling. Attraction can increase the pulse, which may result in flushed cheeks and totally give you away.

4. Capture Her Attention

Show her that you will go to great lengths to capture her attention. Whether you approach her face-to-face, or get on stage for karaoke at the club, make a lasting impression. It can be flattering to someone to know that an admirer risked embarrassment to show that she was interested.

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5. Mimic What She Does

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery; this extends to showing interest in someone else. Try listening to her favorite music, adopting her style of dress, or using something that she said in conversation. This can show her that you pay attention and are interested.

6. Look Her in the Eye

Eye contact is a great indication of whether someone is truly interested. This includes looking at her when you don’t think she’s watching. If you are shy, simply meet her eye and give a genuine smile.

7. Jump to Her Defense

Defending someone or jumping in to concur with them is a sign of interest, but don’t let her think that you’re controlling or butting in. There is a time and a place, but it does demonstrate a sense of solidarity.

8. Follow Her on Social Media

Look her up on social media, and give her a “poke” or a private message. Try not to stalk her, but do some research to garner a sense of who she is, what she likes or what she does. Review your own profile to make sure it reflects who you are just in case she is checking you out, too.

9. She Wants to Be Close to You

Closeness and intimacy reflect an attraction and interest. Put yourself in the position of being close enough to touch or kiss, and wait for her to make the next move.

10. Play Coy

Sexual innuendo and flirting are often a sign of attraction and interest in someone. While there are some women that are naturally flirty, you shouldn’t try to play coy if you don’t find it comfortable. Be yourself first and foremost.

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Showing someone that you’re interested can be as simple as looking them in the eye and giving them a smile, or it could be stalking them on social media before working up the nerve to engage. Pay attention to the signs that you may be giving, and whether she is receiving your message loud and clear.


Terri Mitchell