Safety in Online Dating for Lesbians Safety in Online Dating for Lesbians
When it comes to lesbian online dating, don't fall for the misconception that you're immune from risk... Safety in Online Dating for Lesbians

When it comes to lesbian online dating, don’t fall for the misconception that you’re immune from risk because there are no men in the picture. Lesbians face the same dangers as everyone else when entering the world of online dating. The following tips can help you stay safe while looking for love online.

1. Watch for men posing as lesbians.

One issue unique to lesbian dating sites is heterosexual men pretending to be lesbians. The scary reality is that you have no way of knowing whether the new woman you met online is who she claims to be. Worse yet, a hetero male hiding behind a female profile could be a dangerous predator looking for his next victim. Keep in mind, it’s very easy for anyone to post a phony profile with a beautiful female photo on a lesbian dating site.

2. Insist on communicating by webcam or phone before you meet.

Once you’ve chatted online with a new woman long enough to know that you’re interested in her, insist that you start communicating with each other via webcam or phone. If “she” is actually a man, he may be less apt to continue the charade if he knows you expect to see him and/or hear his voice. Webcams are preferable because you can also verify that it’s the same female as the profile picture. Plus, you’ll know if there’s any physical attraction between you before meeting face to face.

3. Tell someone about the date before you go.

Once you arrange a meeting with the new woman, tell a trusted friend or family member the details, including:

  • Your date’s name
  • Location of the date
  • Time of the date
  • Estimated time you expect the date to end
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If you make any last-minute changes to the plan, be sure to let your friend know before you go. Of course, it goes without saying that your first face-to-face meeting should be in a familiar, public place, like a coffee shop or restaurant.

A couple decades of ago, when online dating was still in its infancy, many people felt mainstream, paid dating sites were safer than lesser-known sites offering free memberships. Nowadays, whether the dating site is free or paid is irrelevant. Scammers and predators can be found lurking on any site, no matter how reputable it may be or how much it charges for membership. By keeping these three safety precautions in mind, you can stay protected while venturing into the wonderful world of lesbian online dating.

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